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Is Vacant Land Really The Most Risk-Free Investment? Here’s The Absolute Truth:

Is Vacant Land Really The Most Risk-Free Investment? Here’s The Absolute Truth:

There’s something all intending or aspiring investors share in common: Google searches.

Investments for a beginner can often be expectedly daunting, especially with all the news stories of losses, scams, and people not getting their money’s worth after decades of waiting. It’s important to research the long and short-term risk and reward levels of each strategy, and who better to ask than Google?

Well, you’re likely to find information that’s ‘relatively applicable’, which simply means that context matters more than the supposed fact. All the blogs that hold a grudge against vacant land as a solid investment strategy usually make the same bold claim – you won’t make a fair gain when you sell your land investment.

So they claim, but then again, backstories and context are necessary.

This article is here to prove one thing in all honesty: Vacant land is the best low-risk and high-return investment strategy if you buy it through the right channel. It’s entirely risk-free if everything is completed above board. Luckily, you’ve already stumbled across LandSpot, the investment company that has an infallible measure to ensure you’ll land the most impressive gains and profits—if you ever choose to sell your land.

Read with us, and we’ll explain everything. This isn’t fiction or sweet talk—it’s all solid facts, and you deserve to know the truth.

You can control your future profit potential – TRUE.

The ball is in your court, and you’re the only one playing. Choose the right person or company to purchase your property from, and you’ll never run into a loss. If you buy your raw land for a price that’s excessively higher than the market value because you’ve chosen a greedy seller, it’s inevitable that if you do decide to sell, you might make a small profit or none at all.

This is why a little research makes all the difference. It’s crucial to always choose a trustworthy and reputable buy-in channel for every investment option included in your portfolio—real estate, stocks, minerals, etc.

Just to chip this in: Here at LandSpot, we are not referring or middlemen agents. All the lands have been fully purchased and legally owned by us, all with $0.00 in taxes owed. The best part is that we offer 55% to 85% discounts on market value, depending on the plot(s) you want to purchase. We can offer these legitimate discounts because we buy directly from the landowners, with no middle walk-throughs increasing the price.

Imagine buying a plot of vacant land at a discount that’s more than half the price. It’s practically impossible to not make a massive gain and an astounding profit when you choose to sell, even if you decide to put it on the market the very next week. However, land is a long-term, high-patience, and great-reward investment. It’s a wonderful way to kick-start your journey toward building generational wealth. It takes at least a year for a significant appreciation in the value of your land, and if you can hold it long-term and sell it at current market value, you’ll certainly be satisfied with the results.

Vacant land can’t generate useful income – FALSE.

Who told them that?

There are two ways to manage your vacant land investment, and with either option, there’ll always be a sizeable profit.

First option: Let it sit there and appreciate. This is great for people who desire a stress-free investment strategy where they'll lock away their money to grow in assured safety. Unlike certain investment options, where your heart rate and sanity will rise and fall in unison with market trends, buying land and letting it sit is the easiest way to enjoy your investment without any emotional trauma.

Second option: Buy your vacant land and set up some hassle-free ventures. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to monetize their land and make some profit from it while the value continues to appreciate over time. It’s amazing how a plot of formerly empty land can turn into a wonderful stream of reliable income without requiring any dramatic structural development.

Below are some examples of entrepreneurial ventures you could set up on your land to make cool cash from them:

  • Investing in low-priced container homes and renting out as affordable housing to low-income earners
  • Agriculture and green-house planting
  • Ranching and animal husbandry (horses, cows, rabbits, poultry, fish, etc.)
  • Golf course creation (super-easy to maintain)
  • Dairy farming and processing
  • Markets, trade fairs and sales spaces
  • Camping or leasing out to campers

For the second option, the venture you choose might require location considerations before purchasing the land. All zones have policies and regulations on land use, and it’s important to select an area with favorable ordinances. Here at LandSpot, once you’ve decided what you’ll do with your property, we can help you choose the right location and a favorable zone. We’ve listed the county-provided zoning information on all our properties at the bottom of each product’s page. Our sales team will go as far as helping you get in touch directly with any county’s zoning department for further discussion. It’s what we do here at LandSpot—making your life 10x easier.

Land value does not depreciate – TRUE.

For the sake of realistic conversations online, you’d often read stuff like “it’s almost impossible for land to depreciate” or “land is highly unlikely to ever depreciate”.

The word use can trigger a headache, but it’s usually used to account for the needle-in-a-haystack situation where an economic situation will actually drive down the price of vacant land.

Land is confidently immune to economic trends, and in the worst-case scenario, where other investment options are taking dips and prices are plummeting, the value of land will just stay the same. You will never wake up one day and discover that the price of your land has hit zero or worse, a negative value.

Land does not depreciate because, theoretically and practically, it has an unlimited useful life. From housing and offices to agriculture and ranching, there’s a long list of developments that require vacant land. Also, land is endlessly reusable and is highly likely to bounce back after a natural disaster.

Vacant land offers the highest financial security because it’s not being created anymore. It’s not a renewable resource—when it runs out, that’s the end. It’s a universal economic law that prices increase when demand exceeds supply. It’s the only scenario you’ll ever witness with vacant land because it’s not replenished upon purchase. There’s no company manufacturing land anywhere, and people will always require vacant space for business and structural development. Someday, a discounted acre of land currently worth $4,000 could be worth $100,000 because there is none left in the area. This is not an abstract dream or a wild imagination. It will take time, but it’s economically bound to happen.

Land investors have no competition – TRUE.

The people competing over land are the developers, usually high-handed investors looking to build apartment chains, recreational parks, skyscrapers, processing plants, and so on. The actual landowner has no reason to compete with anyone else, except when they choose to set up profit-generating ventures on their property.

Once again, this benefit is in direct connection with the thinning supply of land as a natural resource. There’s no more land coming up anywhere, and anyone buying plots in desirable locations is setting themselves up for generational wealth. People who unknowingly bought top-location lands for a few thousand dollars in the past may sell them for prices above $300,000 to high-value companies planning location-driven development.

With vacant land investments, everyone sticks to their lane, and there’s barely any tussle for customers. In fact, the problem you might encounter is fending off too many people making offers on your plot.

You won’t enjoy peace of mind with land investment – FALSE.

Land is easily the top investment option that offers the most unbeatable levels of emotional and mental peace.

A lot of people prefer to simply save their money with banks, even though there’ll be very little appreciation. Investments often seem like too much of a burden to bear because the safety of your funds cannot be easily assured. It's so much worse with intangible assets you can't see or touch, like stocks and Cryptocurrency. Some people simply don’t think it’s worth the emotional disturbance.

Well, vacant land is a tangible asset, and it’s not subject to market trends or environmental wear. One hundred years after your purchase, your vacant land will sit right there, ready for use whenever you are. It can’t be stolen, destroyed, vandalized, or washed away by a flood. You can go to sleep every night knowing that your money is solidified in the safest investment option with no risk of sudden losses.

Final verdict – Vacant land is absolutely risk-free.

Just to recap:

  • If you buy land at the normal price, you will definitely make a profit.
  • You can use your land in many ways to generate income.
  • There’s no depreciation in value.
  • Zero competition for land owners.
  • The peace of mind is unparalleled.

Raw land is the top investment strategy with the lowest risk, highest safety, and an impressive ROI potential, going further to expand your portfolio with possible means of extra income. The only catch is to buy in properly, and that’s exactly what we do here at the LandSpot: providing you with great options in amazing locations, catering to every budget, helping you make the best decisions for your intended land use, protecting your property with strong litigation processes, and giving you incredible discounts that will set you up for remarkable profit in the future.

We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited land investment company with the best intentions for all our clients. Regardless of the size or acreage you’re buying, we treat everyone with equal respect and hold all our people in high esteem. We also have a super-easy purchasing process with full-scale transparency through every step. There’s no longer a reason to fly across the country or drive interstate to check out a property you want to buy. All our vacant lands are fully and legally owned by us, so we have all the pictures and videos you need.

Simply check out our listings, select your desired discounted plot(s), proceed to check out, supply the personal information required, and pay the small reservation fee. Complete your payment within 72 hours and give us 7-10 days to file the deed of ownership on your behalf with your property’s county. All zoning information for every county has been researched and provided for you in the listing pages.

If you want to see the property before purchasing it, we can send you coordinates and directions to the location. Viewing is open at any time and on any day. If you would like a local inspector to go with you, we’ll have someone take you at a small cost—the only fee you’ll ever incur with LandSpot.

This brings us to the BEST PART: all our services are supplied at ZERO cost, with no hidden fees. All you have to do is pay the cost of the land. We’ll even ship the finalized ownership documents to you for free.

LandSpot isn’t here to just sell you land and waltz away—we build long-term beneficial relationships with our clients as they become family. Our goal is to help you build a solid real estate portfolio and expand your land investment reach across America.

We have a lot of nice plots of land for sale and you might even find the cheapest land in the US in our collection. You can read our FAQs here and if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or call 310-853-1455.
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