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Vacant Land vs. Cryptocurrency: How to Make the Safest and Most Rewarding Investment Decision In 2023

Vacant Land vs. Cryptocurrency: How to Make the Safest and Most Rewarding Investment Decision In 2023

Crypto FOMO (fear of missing out) is easily one of the most globally endured emotional problems of the 21st century. Anyone active on social media recently can confirm this – that overwhelming urge to collect all your savings, sell off some stuff, and buy a fraction of a coin you can’t even put in your pockets.

Consider Bitcoin, for instance. Launching at $0.0008 in 2010, hitting $19,000 in 2017, peaking to an all-time high of $64,000 in 2021, and then plummeting to a gut-wrenching low of $17,000 in 2022. If you really think about it, the actual winners are the earliest takers. While cryptocurrency has truly made some millionaires all over the world, it’s also made an unimaginable number of people homeless and bankrupt. It’s a dicey line to walk.

And then there’s the option of vacant land. In the past, most people assumed only big-time, heavy-handed developers and professional investors would ever consider buying vacant land. They purchase these properties to develop apartment buildings, water parks, sports courts, and so on. What should average-income Jack and his wife Jill (with two kids and a mortgaged white picket fence home) do with a raw patch of land? How will they make any impressive money from it?

Well, did you know that the average US real estate land value increased by 12% since 2021, steadily maintaining the same range of annual increase since the past decade? So, imagine if Jack and Jill had bought 10 acres of land in New Mexico or California at a massively discounted price in 2010, the same year Bitcoin launched. Without dealing with the constant heartache of watching prices rise and fall, the couple would have gained an overwhelming ROI on their purchase in the present day. Also, who says the land has to lie there completely unused?

This article will objectively compare the investment options of buying vacant land and long-holding cryptocurrency as digital assets. If you stick around and read with us, we’ll show you the facts.



Vacant Land

Risk Level

Outstandingly high

Very low

Purchasing Cost


Relatively affordable

Return on Investment



Asset Safety

Relatively vulnerable

Highly safe

Interim use for profit


Highly usable for profit


Risk Level

Cryptocurrency: Outstandingly high

Every investment option must involve a measure of risk and uncertainty, but with Cryptocurrency, the risk is inestimable. Crypto is extremely volatile and grossly unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how accurately experts can read, analyze, and estimate the trends – unexpected pumps and pulls happen constantly and the charts either shoot off to the skies or sink to the depths of Hades. It’s often called the ‘guts of steel’ investment because that’s what it takes to purchase virtual coins and leave your luck to the universe.

Also, there’s no legal protection with crypto investment, especially worrisome as the companies are not immune to breaches and attacks. Crypto coins are decentralized currencies and this means they are not regulated by banks or other financial bodies, although the companies have policies controlling monetary exchanges and operations. If you run into any erroneous transactions or scams, no governmental laws or policies will protect you.

Vacant Land: Very low

The existing issues with investing in raw land are usually a factor of location and purchasing channels, and these are problems that can be avoided with a bit of research before making the final decision. The United States is divided into zones and some of these locations may have restrictions regarding land use. This is where your purchasing channel comes in. The safest way to buy raw land is to work with a verified and trustworthy real estate company - top option: The Land Spot. We’ve already done all the scouting and research and if you declare your preferred specifications, you’ll get the most suitable options for your intended land use.

You don’t have to worry about the risk of fires, vandalism, or loss of funds in maintenance. Also, here’s the coolest part: The value of land will never be zero, no matter what happens. It’s very rare and almost impossible for land to decrease in worth. If you work with a great company to select suitable properties in great locations, you can be certain that your money stays safe, locked, and with great potential for an increase in the long term.

Purchasing Cost

Cryptocurrency: Variable

You can buy Cryptocurrency at literally any price you want. You might only be getting a tiny fraction of the worth of a whole coin, but then it’s still something with value. If one Ethereum currently costs $2,076, you can buy 0.048 Ethereum for a hundred bucks. You’re still a crypto investor.

The only problem is, if the crypto markets dramatically pump up by 50% overnight, you’d only get fifty bucks as profit. Great stuff. If you eventually choose to invest massive sums, they could pitfall by 50% instead. Guts of steel, they said.

Vacant land: Relatively affordable

Real estate valuation is heavily dependent on location, and this is a clear-cut fact. Land in big-city Los Angeles obviously cannot be valued at the same price as rural vacant land in Small County Kern, even though they are both in dreamy California. With $3,995, you could purchase an impressively discounted 526-square-meter plot in California and snatch your own piece of Los Angeles forever. If you have enough money and you’re really looking to build a generational real estate portfolio, you could get nearly six acres for a discounted $15,000 in New Mexico.

No one’s going to steal your property and you’re not going to wake up one day and discover that it’s now worth absolutely nothing. Whenever you’re ready, you could easily resell and count massive profits or allow your property’s value to continue accumulating in the long term. Win-win, either way.

Return on Investment

Cryptocurrency: Volatile

This is the thing about Cryptocurrency – there are no stable trends or facts or figures. Take the numbers as you see them and whisper incantations for good luck. The return on investment depends on current market trends and your investment strategy. Are you buying to resell quickly (short-trading) or long-holding? These factors decide how much you can get in return. Also, the particular time you tap into the mass FOMO on any new coin is highly relevant. Did you buy when it was over-pumped or were you an early taker when it was still sweeping the zeros?

Let’s describe it very simply. The people who bought DogeCoin in 2020 were overjoyed when it pumped to an exponential 28,890% increase in 2021 – great job, Elon Musk. This is one of the historical periods when the ROI on Cryptocurrency actually made people rich. And then the FOMO began and people liquidated their other coins and physical assets to tap into Doge at that all-time high price. Today, DogeCoin has plummeted by about 650% and there are no words to describe the losses being endured by people who bought in after the 2021 rise. No words.

Vacant land: Stable

The question is not if the land will appreciate or increase in value. This is already a known fact. The major inquiry for most intending investors is, how much will it appreciate and how long will it take for the profit to be reasonable?

Here’s the concrete truth - land is generally a long-term, high-patience investment option. Most times, all it takes is one year for the value to appreciate reasonably and the percentages usually remain stable as the worth continues to increase annually. However, if you buy at a greatly discounted price and sell at a higher-than-regular price, you could record a more than 100% ROI in the short term. This is very possible, completely above board, and fully legitimate.

Land does not depreciate and you can be certain that if it's not done in distress, you must make a solid profit when it's time to sell.

Asset safety

Cryptocurrency: Relatively vulnerable

The safety of your Cryptocurrency depends entirely on the data encryption and safety policies enacted by the company providing your virtual wallet. If the company gets hacked, customers could lose their assets and because it's a decentralized investment option, there are no saving graces here.

However, this vulnerability is relative because the operating companies have different network security strengths. But then again, if top-dog Binance could be hacked in 2022, are there really any impenetrable wallet providers?

Vacant land: Highly safe

As long as you purchased the land legitimately from a trusted source with verified legal documentation, it’s yours forever. Once again, this is why the purchasing channel is easily the most important decision you’ll make as a raw land investor.

Who are you buying from and how certain are you of their property’s legitimacy? This is what we do here at The Land Spot. We do all the work for you and ensure you don’t fall prey to scams or get derailed by the stressful nature of land searching. All our lands are fully paid for and owned exclusively by us. All you have to do is browse, pick, talk to us if you want, make your payment, and wait for us to complete the legal documentation on your behalf. Your property cannot be stolen by hackers or lost in some data breach. It cannot be washed away in a storm. It’s your land and you can own it for life and make a lot of money from it, even without re-selling. Check the point below for more details.

Interim use for profit

Cryptocurrency: Unusable

There’s nothing to do with Cryptocurrency than to let it sit and rise or fall. If you liquidate your coins, you either keep the fund as raw cash or use it to purchase something else, and it's completely gone. So, it's unclear how Cryptocurrency can be put to use in the interim.

Vacant land: Highly usable for profit

Your land does not have to be left vacant and arid to do nothing as it accumulates in value, even though this is a pretty great way to be stress-free from your investment. However, there are so many opportunities to earn a nice income if you’d like to put it to use. Some of these include:

-          Investing in low-price container homes and renting out affordable housing to low-income earners.

-          Land leasing

-          Agriculture and green-house planting.

-          Ranching and animal husbandry (horses, cows, rabbits, poultry, fish, etc).

-          Golf course creation (this is the coolest thing ever)

-          Dairy farming and processing

-          Market trade fairs and sales spaces

-          Camping and leasing out to campers

The opportunities are limitless. Vacant land can either come with available amenities or not, and sometimes, the owners can choose to move to these properties and live off-the-grid for a while. This is a social detoxification tactic that leaves you feeling renewed and re-energized and your vacant property can be the perfect location for this.

Final Verdict:

We highly recommend that you choose vacant land as your investment option.

Buy raw land and build some real, tangible wealth. Invest in a low-risk asset and be fully financially secure. You could always choose to invest in cryptocurrency as a side option and with money that won’t hurt too much when you eventually lose it. However, if you’re looking for something real, stable, and trustworthy, we can help you build a portfolio and close your pieces of America for yourself.

Here at The Land Spot, our mission is simple – to help our clients enjoy the most hitch-free and super-smooth process of purchasing land, at 55% to 85% less than the market prices because we are in direct link with the owners. We know that you might have a few reservations about buying cheap land for sale online, and that’s why we have lots of product videos and pictures for you to peruse. Once your property is paid in full, you can sign the agreement electronically and we will prepare the deed with the county on your behalf. All you have to pay for is the land and our services are entirely cost-free to you.

You can read our FAQs HERE and if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or call 310-853-1455.  

You can check what we have available HERE.

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